A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Demons Never Lie is a low-poly and voxel graphic adventure 

where your soul is at stake!

An incredible and dark story with elements of
classic point&click games and visual novels.
Dive into an emotional and thrilling experience
and enjoy the atmospheric storytelling.

Website: www.demonsneverlie.com

Twitter: www.twitter.com/DemonsNeverLie

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/demonsneverlie

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/demonsneverlie_indiebug/

After an awful life, John's soul is ready to say goodbye to this cruel world.

In that moment, a demon called Ocaso, appears in front of him. The mysterious creature offers John the opportunity of being young again, having the life he's always dreamed of. In exchange of his soul, of course.

Will John accept his offer? And, if so, what will be the consequences?

-Play as John, help him to fix his life, avoiding terrible past mistakes... with a demon on your side.

-3D graphic adventure with classic point&click and visual novel elements.

-Indie game with charismatic voxel characters and beautiful low-poly sceneries.

-Emotional and atmospheric storytelling. Sometimes bright, sometimes dark. Just like real life.

-You can make a pact with the devil. What else could be better than that?

-Available in english, spanish, portuguese, chinese and russian.

Download demo

Demo for Windows 146 MB
Demo for Mac 151 MB
Demo for Linux 153 MB

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Hi! When will be realized the chapter three? P.S: This game is excellent, the interactive story captivated me, and this is a game for all the people

Hah, wouldn't you know it. I played the demo just a few days ago, and now the game is out the day after I post my playthrough of it. Talk about timing.

Well this most certainly looks interesting and promising. The demo definitely starts out very strong with the funeral scene, and presents a super interesting premise - would you redo your life if you could, and if so, would you even make better choices even if you made different ones?

That's all well and good, and the occasional flashes of visions are a bit unsettling, but for a game that at least sorta sells itsef as horror, there isn't much spookiness happening in this demo... and it ends at a kind of anticlimactic moment. I feel like a Demo should end on a higher note to hook the player. 

 Still, since apparently the full game is out, I may well check it out in a near future. Certainly looks like it could be interesting.


Gameplay in portuguese, awesome! Muito obrigado! You have played perfectly, Jean! May I ask you a question? Is the portuguese translation correct? Or are there mistakes? 

thank you very much for enjoying my gameplay,
the portuguese translation is great, I kind of didn't understand in some parts for lack of some punctuation "as in the part of OCASO appears to the younger JOHN and he says he spoke to the old JOHN of a buggy but to understand quiet just read with more tranquility that you can understand.

Oh I see! Thank you so much for the feedback! If you see any other mistakes, let me now. I'll fix them for the final version. 

Beyond that I said. The whole game is great I fell in love with the game and I can not wait for the time, I have chances to catch it a few days before release? Would you give me this opportunity?


Thanks! I've sent you a DM

This is a pretty good demo! I had a blast playing it. I didn't get to finish it yet since I recorded a video for it, but I'm sure I was probably close! Looking forward to the full release! Here's my video, if you'd like to check it out!

Thank you! Awesome gameplay!

Amazing Game! I really need the FULL GAME!

Thank you, working on it! Happy you like it! :D


I NEED THS FULL GAME! Simply amazing! A few grammar issues here and there, but overall I really enjoyed it and was super disappointed when the demo ended. P L E A S E finish this game!!!

So glad you like the demo! :) I'm working hard to finish it. It will be released on Q4 2019. Great gameplay and thanks for your support!

GREAT!!! Can't wait to play it! Thank you :D and no problem!


I LOVE this game so far. The execution of this concept feels so unique. I'm ready for this to be finished so I can see more character development for John. I really wanna root for John more! Also I don't trust the little "angel" girl. I trust the "demon" more right now

Thank you so much for your comment! So glad you like it! I'm working hard to finish it :)


Thanks! Great gameplay! :)


Great little demo, I hope that the full release comes soon because I really want to know more about the story.

Glad you like it! Thanks for your support!

Really fantastic! The perfect blend of quirky humor, slice of life realism, and dark Faustian fun! I loved everything about this, from the dialogue and direction to the style. You should be proud of yourself for taking this on alone and I really do hope your kickstarter campaign goes well!

The only things I'd say to keep an eye on are typos and optimizing the game enough to cut load times for each area a bit shorter since some of the transitions run a little long and take away from the perfect pacing. Wonderful demo, looking forward to more!

Thank you so much for your support! So glad you like the game! Yeah, already working on optimizing that load times. Could you give me an example of that typos? I'm not a native english speaker but I thought everything was ok :_) 

PS: I absolutely love the rap part! :D

Haha, thanks! You did a really good job with the English so far. Off the top of my head, the sequence with the car accident, you spelled it as "break" instead of "brake". I'll take a look back at the demo and call anything else out here though.

This voxel style is really something I can get down with. It looks so old school and so modern at the same time and I'm just mesmerised by it!

Ahem, sorry, got sidetracked! This demo really blew me away, it's so amazingly well put-together and charmingly devilish! The characters are all begging to be fleshed out more, the story seems to be very Faustian with a very liberal dash of goofiness and the puzzles are so far shaping up to be nice and brain-taxing!

Add to that a pretty awesome soundtrack and inevitable plot twists and this could be something really amazing! I'll be backing the Kickstarter for sure, and you all should too! Well, I mean you should give the demo a try first I guess, but I nigh-on guarantee that it'll make you wanna throw money in the dev's general direction!

Oh yes, as for you IndieBug, keep up the awesome work! I super enjoyed this =)


I'm happy you like the game that much! This comment made my day! Thank you for your support on the crowdfunding, I really appreciated. Hey, guys, listen to Michael and support too! XD
Really enjoyed your gameplay, I had so much fun watching it (your accent is so cool). Already subscribed to your channet and waiting for the second part. A lot of suprises awaits...

I really liked the demo. I wish you luck in kickstarter!!!

Thank you!!😁

A great DEMO, waiting for the full game!!!

Great gameplay! Thank you for your support!

Demons Never Lie was so much fun to play. I can't wait for the full game!! It's such a cool concept and the art in the game is very unique!!

Wow thanks! Great gameplay! (I want cookies now) XD

The click to walk controls are kind of wonky but besides that this is a very interesting and fun game


I can't wait for the full game to be released! This is amazing!


Wow, thank you! Glad you like it. Great gameplay and great dancing too! :D

Very cool. I like the way the art is done and am pretty intrigued by the story. I think voice acting would add nicely to this.

In my video I started the demo and will make a second one to finish it soon. Hopefully that one doesn't end up as a two minute video or something :)

Great gameplay! Thank you for your support! You've left the demo at a good point for a second part, don't worry. Good job! :)

awesome, thanks!

Part 2!

What a cool wee game :)

Thanks! Great gameplay!

(1 edit)

Hey, just got done playing your game and I really enjoyed it. Our main character is super spoiled and I think I might hate him (although my assumption is that a lot of that is going to tie into the mistakes he made in his life). I loved the "this might happen" flashes that John needs to avoid being built up as "okay, this is obviously bad so I'll avoid that" and then being hit with the the same flash when you think you're doing the right think with the girl you love. It played with my expectations and I found it very compelling.

Even though I stole the money, I don't think I'd give people the option to unless there were alternate ways to accomplish your goals without it. I noticed other, less selfish youtubers, not grab the credit card and be confused.

Overall I think the full version has a lot of potential and I wish you the best on your upcoming kickstarter. I think the demo is a strong proof of concept and hope that goes a long way to helping you reach your goals. Thank you for reading my thoughts on the demo.

Edit: If you ditch the maze I'd be okay with it. lol


Hi! I totally agree with you. After watching several youtubers I drew the same conclusions. I'm preparing a new demo update changing this details to give better experience to the gamers. An also, deleting the maze scene (which everybody hates XD). Thank you for your feedback. I'm glad you like the story. Can't wait to see people reaction to the full version. Things are going to get really dark...

this looks fucking awesome

Wow! Thank you! :)


Tiene muy buena pinta. Estoy deseando tener un ratito libre para jugar... 

Gracias! Espero que te guste :)

This is rreally good cant wait for full game

Thank you! :D

Gave it a go...


WOW, Ocaso's voice was SO COOL! How did you do that? I believed you were a demon for a moment XD Taking the credit card is part of the game I'm afraid. It's just a puzzle, don't take too seriously. But, yeah, you are totally right. Stealing is bad for karma! :)

Really cool game. I like the art style and the humor is very good.

Thanks! Awesome video, so funny! Sorry for the bugs, I'll fix that in the next version.

No problem, it made it even better. Also i have to know, was the hedge maze intended to be beaten that way? xD

I thought only developers would know the "trick" to solve the maze, but I was totally wrong XD I watched the gameplays, some people don't know it, but others like you just click and wait. I'm thinking of getting rid of the maze on the final version. I don't want the game to get boring at that part for this reason. What do you think? 

You could put a nod to it at the end of the maze. Like a graphic or add something to the conversation about it.

Ok, I'll think about it. Thanks for the feedback!

Honestly had such a good time playing the demo! Really intrigued to see how John progresses as a character. Definitely supporting the kickstarter to see the progression of the story! 

Great gameplay! So happy you like the demo. Thank you for your support!

The demo was very interesting. Though I noticed that you put john in twice in the scene at the park bench. Beyond that, I'll be looking forward to the kickstarter.

Oh yes! The characters' names were messed up on that scene. I uploaded a new version where this issue is fixed. Thank you for pointing it out. Great gameplay!

I'm excited for the kickstarter! The demo was a lot of fun and I love how you used various styles to make something that looks super sharp, but also very different. 


Thank you for your comment and support! So happy you like it!

Has lots of potential, I like how the drama and humor is combined. :) 


Thank you for the gameplay! Love every minute of it.


Hello there ! What a game! Superbe story, I love the Pixelized graphics, and the way your animated the characters is just great! Again nice job on the story, as soon are you're in it, you can't just walk away haha. Great job! 

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Thank you for your support! I'll check it out, GDWC seems so interesting!

Deleted 3 years ago



It's adorable in a creepy way

Yet it's creepy in an adorable way (what am I talking tho)

Love the art style, the visuals, the controls! Super exited for the full story, will John really accomplish a better life? ∠( ᐛ 」∠)


Thank you for your awesome gameplay! So happy you like the demo. Love the signature with a little pentagram star! :D

really well done,  very polished,  very interesting story. Thank you for sharing your art! 

Thank YOU for this amazing gameplay! Also thanks for the advice, I'll take that into account to improve the final version of the game. Love the voices, so much fun!

a very complete demo! I love games with a good story.

I'll keep an eye out for kickstarter, good luck!

Thank you! So glad you like it!